Ambra Redrick Teen Hype CEO

Close your eyes and think back to your teenage years, oh wait if your eyes are closed you can’t read this. OK, continue reading and circle back in your mind to your first love.  What did feel like?  What do you remember?  Now think about your first heart break, who helped you through it?  What about the crazy time you… Or what about when you were trying to figure out how your body works and what’s normal.  Who did you talk to?  Who did you trust with secrets and who held your hand through the roller coaster ride of adolescence?  If you are fortunate, maybe you had a rock star parent or a close family member that was your champion.

This is not the case for all teenagers and sometimes even good parents don’t have the capacity to give kids what they need during this critical period.  That’s where Teen HYPE comes in to fill the gap. Our social justice league of qualified youth development experts show up wherever young people are to serve as champions in development.  From classrooms to corner stores you can find our league on the ground helping young people get ready for the world. This year alone they will reach over 1300 youth in classrooms.  Since this month is all about love, I would be remiss if I didn’t express my deep love and gratitude for their commitment to Detroit’s youth.  It’s theater season for us and that means long days and weekends to support young people in the development of a quality production.  My love for our young people goes without saying …they hold a special place in my heart.  I am so proud of them and it’s truly a privilege to work in partnership with them.  Our youth leaders are game changers! They are on fire for this city and they are passionate about using their voice and their talents to raise awareness about the social justice issues that impact them daily.  If you want to see my loves in action, grab a couple of tickets and check out our upcoming theater production Hidden in the Shadows.  If you mention this blog, I will buy you a box of popcorn and you can tell me all about your first love and your teenage years.  ❤️😍

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