Partnering For Progress

These partnerships are built on mutual values and leverage the collective expertise to seek and garner resources for the optimization of positive youth outcomes.


Ascension St. John has supported Teen HYPE from the beginning providing funding, in-kind space, and an array of services and resources for our young people. We also partner with the Community Health Awareness Group on a federal grant to identify HIV-positive youth and to help them access medical care and other services. These core partnerships have allowed Teen HYPE to flourish, dream, and grow.

Community Coalitions

Teen HYPE works with several middle and high schools to deliver sexual health, substance abuse prevention, and risk avoidance curriculums.

At-Large Initiatives & Collaborations

We are open to and engage in unique collaborations that center around issues facing young people, local events, and the theme of our theatrical production. These may be field trips, experiential learning opportunities, or other activities.


Partner with us

If you would like to partner with us, please contact Dorothy “Dee” Smith, Director of Development, at (313) 831-8336 or dorothyhk@teenhype.org.