Ambra Redrick Teen Hype CEO

March, April and May have been extremely busy for Teen HYPE. In these three short months, we have completed multiple runs of our annual stage play, hosted an outstanding art show, and held our annual Build the HYPE fundraising breakfast.

I am grateful for the partners who are in this work with us — our play and art show would not have been successful without the guidance of Mrs. Franky Hudson and our program staff, and our breakfast was made possible by the support of our sponsors DTE Energy Foundation, Comerica Bank, and PNC Bank. We also appreciate the assistance of volunteers from Quicken Loans.

What we have learned during our busy season is that though there were times when it seemed tough, if we rely on each other and work hard, we can do impactful work that makes a difference in the lives of young people. The joy of seeing our students be received like celebrities after their play performances, or supporting them at their prom send offs, or seeing them prepare for their summer jobs is unmatched. There is still much work to do — more young people to reach with leadership, arts, and health education programming, more young people to test and educate about HIV, more community members to engage. But for now, we will celebrate what we have accomplished. Teen HYPE is committed to serving young people and giving them a platform to shine.


Ambra Redrick