CEO & Co-Founder


Ambra Redrick has the keen ability to plow through anyone or anything that stands in the way of serving youth. Not only does she guide the development and execution of Teen HYPE, she built it from ground up amidst the challenges of meager financial and human resources. Under her leadership, the organization soon began to prosper.

Ambra’s life-long quest to better the human condition has driven her to care for multiple populations in foster care, substance abuse, delinquency, HIV, women and children and youth-at-risk. She has leveraged over 17 years’ of experience in human services to recruit and govern a sharp as steel Board of Directors, and assemble a staff of dedicated Servant Leaders.

Educated with Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Social Work from Wayne State University, she knows that true knowledge begins when we open our hearts and cast our visions to bless the lives of others.

COO & Co-Founder


In the Teen HYPE Universe, Franky Hudson uses her super powers to manage and lead the day-to-day operations of Teen HYPE. To ensure that teens get the reinforcement they need from responsible adults, Franky harnesses her super powers of Operational and Mission Excellence to create a storm of dynamic stakeholders to serve as vanguards of change. With over 15 years’ experience in Youth Development, as a nonprofit leader, Franky “The Executive Implementer” designed and managed programs and services that has empowered countless teens to become Super Heroes too.

Given her powers of creativity and the insights gained from her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from The University of Michigan, Franky creates caring, brave, spaces and powerful experiences like Teen HYPE’s annual play, and the annual leadership retreat, which propel teens and Teen HYPE’s League of Excellence toward greatness.

Senior Manager of Fund Development


Bestowed with two Super Powers, Dorothy “Dee” Smith is the ultimate HYPE Superhero. Her X-Ray Vision allows her to see beyond the surface and find the “SPARK” in the youth Teen HYPE serves. She reads motivations and identifies solutions faster than the speed of Light. Her X-Ray Vision has been coupled with Love that electrifies her commitment to actively illuminate partnerships that transform the lives of those who live, work and enjoy Detroit.

Bolstered by close to a decade of experience in community organizing, bridge building, and development; she combines X-Ray Vision and Love to ignite innovation, create sustainable relationships, and give people the jolt of courage to do the impossible.

Senior Manager of In-School Initiatives


In a world fraught with pessimism, LaRon Evans defeats negativity with an attitude of gratitude. He holds a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and has more than ten years of experience in developing sustainable relationships with children, families, corporate partners, school liaisons and organization leaders. His super power best shines as he uses gratitude to combat stress and promote peace and harmony while he assists teens directly in behavior modification and restorative practices. Cohesiveness is a key ingredient in building a team that can break down barriers. LaRon knows that gratitude is a primary component of this cohesiveness and he encourages it at every turn whether it is among the teens or with fellow super heroes.
Manager of Youth Leadership


Planning, creating, and facilitating engaging evidence-based curriculum for Peer Educators with a keen eye for detail makes Callie Brantley an unstoppable force as a member of the Teen HYPE Social Justice League. Brantley’s super power allows her to emit energy that radiates a room, even in the darkest of times. Her everlasting light shines brightly as she fearlessly manages in-school programming and oversees youth development and prevention programming for our Peer Educators. In addition, she is an ambassador and advisor for the Youth Advisory Council, assisting youth to prepare for theater performances. Callie also coordinates various media projects, and is a Certified H.I.V Tester & Educator in the State of Michigan. Her fire is fueled by her passion to serve youth and inspire them to achieve lasting success. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Television, and Digital Media Production at Ferris State University. Her education and years experience as a Technical & Lighting Director is a tremendous benefit to our Teen HYPE team and youth when planning & producing our annual plays.
Grants Manager


Glides with grace into the grant gauntlet and leads our team’s efforts to secure various federal, state, and local grants that support our mission to develop youth through health & literacy education.


Manager of In-School Initiatives


Time and time again, when faced with challenging projects, our “Princess of Positivity”, Joy Bost manages to save the day! In the 11th hour, against all odds, Joy calmly leads the charge to seamlessly coordinate program staff schedules, bringing cross-functional teams across the agency and community together in one common goal. Whether she leads the charge developing new programming for fellow Teen HYPE superhero Health Educators, recruits volunteers, or leads communication efforts with schools, she can truly do it all with a positive attitude and smile on her “joyful” face!

Joy is currently pursuing her Associates Degree is pre-secondary education at Henry Ford College and has more than 18 years of experience building and implementing dynamic health education programs for Detroit area youth, schools, and families.

Health Educator/Outreach Worker


When it comes to Sexual Health, many adults and youth alike choose ignorance and denial. But Camille Martin uses her twin super powers of Knowledge and Awareness coupled with her Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies: Global and Environmental Health from The University of Michigan, to obliterate excuses and illuminate a wiser path. She carried out HIV initiatives from Meru, Kenya to Quito, Ecuador before joining Teen HYPE’s League of Excellence. She uses her more than twelve years of knowledge in the HIV field to inform adolescent youth of their HIV status and provide access to contraception. She is proud that her work helps to empower young people to make informed healthy decisions centered around HIV, STDs, STIs, pregnancies, relationships, and reproductive health.
Youth & Family Support Specialist


Demitria is a defender of the youth and protector of Teen HYPE’s mission. As a graduate from Wayne State University with a Bachelor’s of Social Work, she is dedicated to advocating and committed to helping youth understand they can persevere no matter their circumstances. Some people might mistake her for a mild-mannered reporter, but when threats to quality education and justice appear, she’s on the scene faster than the speed of light. Up up up and away, she takes flight into the classroom to assist youth in soaring as high as they can knowing that the sky is the limit. When a child is in a midst of the storm she manipulates the weather to provide sunshine in the face of adversity. She sees stormy days as an opportunity to plant seeds for growth.
Health Educator


As strong as the Greek Gods themselves, she receives her powers to pulverize adverse health habits from her many years of experience in health education and performance arts.


Health Educator


Always has a close eye on negativity and hate to keep our youth safe from harm with her empowering health education classes. As a Health Educator, Ny’Ea builds and facilitates critical sexual health, life skills, and emotional health workshops for Detroit Area youth. She also plays an integral role in coordinating our annual productions by writing the script, leading stage design, direction, and team collaborations to produce fun, educational plays.