We have succeeded at our mission when:

all youth are given the support they need to succeed.

Young people are valued as key stakeholders rather than liabilities in the advancement of their communities. Parents, schools, businesses, and youth organizations mobilize to support the healthy development of all youth in the community. Youth acknowledge their tremendous capacity to use their talents and abilities in pursuit of positive change.

teen hype detroit vision
teen hype vision


Peer Education

High school students apply to join a cohort of teens and tap into their innate talents and gifts while participating in fun, impactful activities and creating meaningful experiences they will cherish for a lifetime.

Annual Theatrical Production

For over a decade we have utilized the arts and leadership to raise awareness about social justice issues facing young people. Every year, thousands of youth see reflections of themselves and their stories on the stage.

Love Notes

Love Notes is used to build skills and knowledge for healthy and successful relations for romance, friends, family, school, and work. LN curriculum is facilitated in 12-13 sessions to students in grades (9-12).

Focus on the Future

We believe young people are naturally equipped with assets that simply need to be nurtured. Focus on the Future is a federally funded abstinence-based sexual education program that leverages those assets.

Keepin’ It Real

This federally funded, evidence-based substance abuse prevention program focuses on risk avoidance. Keepin’ It Real equips 7th to 9th graders with the skills to help them become confident decision-makers and effective communicators.


Teen HYPE provides FREE confidential and HIV/STI testing and counseling services for 13 to 29 year-olds through a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) grant.

Empowering youth today (EYT)

EYT uses a curriculum for middle school students called REAL Essentials: Starting Point! Starting Point is an evidence and relationship-based intervention with a Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) component.


Think SMART is a State of Michigan sexual education program that approaches positive youth development through a strengths-based lens. The curriculum works with Detroit area middle school students to recognize, utilize, and enhance their assets for positive outcomes.