We've had a few tough years.

We have lost some amazing souls who we will never forget as we continue to advance our mission in honor of their legacies.

Tracy Atkinson

A beloved friend

We, the staff, youth, and board of directors of Teen HYPEa, pay our respects to our beloved colleague and friend, Tracy Atkinson.

Whereas Tracy was a Galactic Guru of Grants and a pillar in our organization.

Whereas Tracy was integral to advancing Teen HYPE’s mission and managing our grant resources.

Whereas Tracy was a dynamic leader and youth champion who worked tirelessly to help young people become ready for the world.

Whereas Tracy engaged youth and was committed to centering their voice every day.

Whereas Tracy was a role model, doer, and dynamic supervisor.

Whereas Tracy faithfully and consistently showed up for Detroit teens. 

Whereas Tracy was supportive and graciously shared her wisdom, experience, and expertise to help HYPE celebrate youth, confront barriers, and build bridges.

Whereas Tracy knew it was a privilege to work on behalf of and in partnership with teenagers.

Therefore, be it resolved that Teen HYPE will continue to encourage the staff and our young people to lead with integrity and practice kindness in honor of Tracy.

Therefore, be it resolved that Teen HYPE will continue Tracy’s great work and carry forward her legacy.

Teen HYPE extends its sincerest condolences to the family of Tracy Atkinson and offers this quote by author Anna Taylor in her honor: “Some people arrive and make such a beautiful impact on your life; you can barely remember what life was like without them.”

Humbly and respectfully submitted by the staff, youth, and board of directors of Teen HYPE.

With love always,

Ambra & the Teen HYPE Family


A Tribute to Marlowe

What does one say about a passionate soul who refused to dim his light and encouraged others to do the same? Teen HYPE’s board, staff, and young people are grieving our thought partner, ambassador, and unapologetic, visionary, and cool Advisory Board Member Marlowe Stoudamire. We are devastated and extend our heartfelt sympathy to his family, friends, fraternity brothers, and peers.

Marlowe believed in our mission, showed up for us and our youth, and helped us make new friends. We valued and will miss his purposeful disruption, brilliance, and ability to identify opportunities that we could not see. He challenged us to do more, think bigger, and be fearless in our effort to prepare young people for the world. On behalf of his family, we invite you to join our youth mobility movement in honor of Marlowe’s legacy as we remain steadfast in helping young people successfully transition to adulthood. They need us now more than ever. If you would like to support our work, you may donate or sign-up to experience the HYPE.

So, what do we say about Marlowe? Thank you!!! Thank you for the seeds you sowed and will watch grow from a distance.

We are grateful to the Stoudamire family for uplifting Teen HYPE as an organization that he loved. Stay tuned and follow us on social media for the unveiling of the game-changing project we were partnering on.

With love always,

Ambra & the Teen HYPE Family

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teen hype detroit deandree watson
DeAndree Watson


It is with deep sadness and shock that we acknowledge the passing of DeAndree Watson. DeAndree was new to the Teen HYPE family and recently joined the board of directors in December. It was evident from his board interview that we were in the midst of an extraordinary young man whose future was destined to be bright. We were thrilled to tap his strategic and problem-solving brilliance in support of our mission. Thank you to Shani Penn for introducing DeAndree to Teen HYPE. We were grateful for his willingness to unite with us to invest in the future leadership of Detroit.

With love always,

Ambra & the Teen HYPE Family

bradley cowans


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our Peer Educator (PE) alumnus, Bradley Cowans. Bradley was a member of our first PE cohort in 2004. He enjoyed being a part of the program and set the bar high for future cohorts. Bradley had that “cool factor” and a daring spirit. He was tall but gentle and sweet. Teen HYPE’s mission work was important to him and his level of commitment was remarkable. After completing our program, he left such a profound impression on his peers and the Teen HYPE staff. He was an amazing father and his children will remain in our prayers. Bradley will truly be missed.

With love always, 

Ambra & the Teen HYPE Family

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